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Freelance Website Content Writer – Nick Hawkes

If you want your website to remain relevant and appear in the worthwhile search results, you need to keep adding a ‘constant stream’ of new web content.

The reason being…  Your competitors will be doing it, so that they can keep ahead of you!

Website Content Writer working on Mac Book

There is a constant pressure online.  A pressure to push your website down in the search results.  So, if you do nothing about it, eventually, prospective clients won’t be able to find you.

You counter this, by adding new ‘interesting’ and ‘helpful’ web content – on a continual basis.

This can be by either by adding new web pages or blog posts. 

Generally, it’s easier to add blog posts, because they don’t require the same amount of planning as web pages.  Adding new web pages is more of a strategic decision – because they form the structure of your site.  Your blog posts on the other hand, are more like your ‘news broadcasts’.

The great thing about blog posts, is that they can go on generate traffic (and valuable back-links) to your site, for potentially years!

The only downside is… Someone has to write this stuff! 

Most businesses, don’t have people with enough web content writing experience in-house, to do it.  Or at least, to do it in a way that will get the results they need!

Which is where I come in as your Website Content Writer

As an experienced web content writer, I can help you keep ahead of the competition, by producing content that will ‘get ranked’ for your longtail key phrases and ‘bring more potential customers’ to your site.