Professional Photograhy for Websites & Social Media

Why is professional photography for websites and social media so important?

During my 20 year career handling the marketing for small, medium and large UK businesses, one of the biggest mistakes I observed time and time again, was what I would call ‘Negative Marketing’.

Negative Marketing is what so many businesses do, when they ‘inadvertently’ advertise all the reasons why not to buy form them.

They do this by putting up poor quality images of their products, which ‘put people off’ from buying from them.

The leading businesses in each sector don’t do this

Instead, they invest in good quality website and social media photography.  They do this to make sure their products look great online and as the result, they take the Lion’s share of the business.

When my clients first started asking me to help them get their websites and social media channels performing, the first thing I did was re-shoot a lot of their dull and out-of-focus product photography.

And then guess what?

Both engagement and sales conversion increased!

Every single time I improve the photography for one of my clients, sales go up!

It’s simple… If you make things look more appealing, they tend to appeal to more people!

Take a look at these before and after pictures

My client here was an up-market chocolate manufacturer.  Imagine spending thousands of hours mastering the art of chocolate making and then trying to sell your products with images like this.

But that’s exactly what they were doing when I met them.

Here’s the image I produced for the exact same product

Professional Website Photography Image of Up Market Chololates

Which one do you think went on to generate the most sales?

Photography for websites & social media

How I work…

  1. With Marketing Agencies, to produce images for their client’s websites and social media
  2. Directly with the client (the business owner or their marketing team) to produce images for their web pages and social media feeds.

Most of the work is producing images designed to sell products and services.  However, it can also be, producing images to show ‘how to use’ or ‘maintain’ a product.

So, if you want to sell more of your products… get in touch today.