Drinks Photography

Working with brands, restaurants, hotels and bars… to promote their drinks online and on social media

Espresso Martini by Herefordshire Drinks Photographer

More than just drinks photography… 

What I do is photograph my client’s drinks in appealing scenarios.  I then help them deploy the images in all the right places, to ‘attracts attention’ and ‘create desire’ for these products.

Ultimately, this translates into increased sales!

I’m a marketing specialist first and foremost.  The drinks photography came about as the result of working with clients in the hospitality sector (i.e. Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs) and then for Drinks Brands.

Brands need more drinks photograhy than ever!

Herefordshire Drinks Photographer White Russian Cocktail

In the past, brands would have a professional drinks photographer, photograph their drinks perhaps a couple of times a year.

Nowdays, because of the need to post ‘engaging content’ on social media ‘several times per week’, growth-oriented brands need a ‘constant stream of great quality drinks photography’.

Social Media is like a fire that needs to be constantly fed – and images are the fuel!

This is where I come in…

Affordable drinks photography and social media marketing services

I provide affordable drinks photography and social media marketing services, all bundled up in a single package.

My clients don’t need to think of anything.  It just gets done!

Ginspresso Cocktail by Herefordshire Drinks Photographer

The difference a professional drinks photographer can make

It’s a fact of life…  The brands, hotels, bars and restaurants that have the biggest online following (and usually, the most customers!), understand the difference a professional drinks photographer can make to their bottom line!

Essentially, it makes people think… “Wow, I’ve got to…”

  • “try that!”
  • “go there”
  • “stay there”

It makes them want to get involved with the brand!

This is what I do.  I make my client’s products look great by shooting great drinks photography and then getting those images under the eyes of legions of additional potential customers.

Perhaps I can do the same for you!