Customer comments

Hotel Owner:

“I am so glad that after 9 years of working with various marketing providers that I have finally found Nick. He is an expert in all aspects of Hospitality Marketing and really understands the business. 

He is professional and straightforward, producing high quality work at a reasonable price, which really gets the job done. Highly recommended.”

Sue Denman HCIMA

I managed the website for Sue.  Added new web pages, produced all the blog posts, built the landing pages, re-shot all of the photography, produced a ‘high performing’ video, ran the Facebook ads – to drive traffic to the landing pages and managed the hotel image on the hospitality portals.  Result… the highest number of continuous bookings in 7 years of hotel ownership.

Major IT Network company:

“Nick, I have the first results from your Orient Express campaign.  The sales team have reported over £300,000.00 worth of orders directly attributed to your campaign with a considerable number of prospects yet to closed.  That’s incredible!”

Big firm of Shopfitters: 

“Despite this period being one of the toughest economic times on record, somehow you managed to get us in the door of three of the UK’s leading high street names. WH Smiths, JD Sports Fashion and JD Wetherspoon”

“In addition to this, 21 individual tender requests from major retail chains, a number of which have now converted into on-going business”

Well done!

Small Online Mail Order company:

“Nick has been instrumental in helping me grow my business from a turnover of around £300K up to a turnover approaching a million and it’s still growing!”

“So if you’re looking to increase your sales, I have no doubt that Nick’s Direct and Online Marketing skills will help you and I have no hesitation in recommending Nick and his services”.

Data Centre design and build company:

“I would like to pass on my thanks for the work you have undertaken.  As the direct result of your campaigns, we now have qualified prospects with an expected revenue value in excess of £350,000 together with orders to date totalling over £75,000”.

Alternative health mail order company:

The results from your Rosa Mosquetta mailing indicate a response rate of 18.2% direct to order.  What other lists can we mail this letter to?”

Small security mail order company:

“We used Nick’s letter to sell a product called Finger Protector to UK schools with consistent on-going results over a period spanning almost 3 years.  Just one letter!”

Mail order company selling games for schools:

Nick, the sales figures show an additional £192,000 thanks to the changes you have made to our mail order operation”.

Small IT Networking company:

“Nick, the sales figures have been rising consistently every month, since you have been running our lead generation program.  Either the sales team are getting better at closing the business or it’s because of all the extra leads you are providing them with”. 

The business grew from 1.8M to 5M because of my campaigns