Do You Want More Customers?

Well, of course you do…

Which Restaurant, Hotel or Pub owner would ever say they have enough customers?

The REAL question is…

…how do you get more customers?

Hospitality Marketing Agencies

There are countless marketing tactics and strategies, but where do you start?

Social Media

      Website Design & Development

     Food Photography

Video Production

Take your website for example…

Is it ranking for all key search terms potential customers are using to find an establishment like yours (in your local area)?

Is it converting enough of them into actual booking/paying customers?

What if we could get your website to Attract More Potential Customers and also Convert More of them into Actual Customers…  Wow!  Wouldn’t that be exciting!!!

As an example… we just gave one hotel their best year on record!

We did this by…

  • Figuring out their main competitive advantage (or USP)
  • Produced a video to illustrate this
  • Produced a special website landing page for the campaign
  • Streamed the video from their YouTube channel into the landing page
  • Ran a Facebook Ad to drive traffic to the landing page

Here’s the video…

This was our first video actually and although I now look at it and think… There are a few things we could have improved on, I have to remember that it actually does the business and out performs most of the other Gatwick Hotel videos (even those from the ‘big brand’ hotel chains and the OTA’s)

In addition to the video campaign, we also improved the quality of their room photography and made their breakfast look irresistible!


The video just goes on and on generating interest and booking.

Conclusion…  Videos are fantastic assets for Hotel Marketing

We also helped a Sussex Pub, blow away the local competition!

We did this by…

  • Doing Keyword research to identify the key search phrases we needed to rank for
  • Built the Pub a new website that was easier to navigate and more popular with their customers
  • Shot some decent quality food photography (like most Pubs, their old stuff was shocking!)
  • Produced individual (fully optimised) web pages built around the target key phrases

Working just 2 days per month on this, it took about 6 months to develop the website to the point where we were above all other local pubs and restaurants in all relevant Google searches.

If you know anything about websites – that’s pretty good going!  It takes Google time to rank web pages.  It’s not instantaneous!  And it’s much harder to get a new website to rank above the long established websites used by the other Pubs and Restaurants in the area.  It was about 12 days of work (and that included 4-5 separate food photography shoots).

Hospitality Marketing Agencies East Sussex

We also got them in the top 10 listing on TripAdvisor for both local Pub searches and Restaurant searches.  Plus, made sure that their food photography was way better than any local competition.

You’d be amazed at how much of a difference the right kind of food photography can have on customer bookings, when used in the right way!