Attracting Restaurant Customers with Professional Food Photography

Secret to Attracting Restaurant Customers with Professional Food Photography

When it comes to attracting restaurant customers ….

The easiest and cheapest thing any restaurant owner can do is invest in some professional food photography

Assuming your website is already being found by prospective customers searching online for a restaurant like yours in your location, improving the quality of your food photography can do nothing but increase your bookings.


Poor quality food photography is still costing many restaurant owners a small fortune in lost bookings.

It’s because potential customers think their food is not up-to-scratch in those dull looking photographs posted on their website.

The crazy thing is, it’s so obvious when you think about it…

For example, if professional food photography didn’t make any difference to the amount of business a restaurant’s website generates, big ‘successful’ restaurant chains wouldn’t waste their time producing so many great ‘appealing’ photos of their food.

They would instead just use their I-Phones and pocket the money they saved!

The fact that they DON’T do this should give smaller restaurant and pub owners at least a clue!

Anyway, as with any situation, this gives ‘savvy’ restaurant owners a huge money making advantage.

Because, whilst cheapskate restaurant and pub owners continue to put up ‘unappealing’ photos of their food and depress their potential bookings…, savvy restaurateurs can take a bigger slices of the online business just bu using better quality food photography.

Here’s something else to remember if you’re interested in Attracting Restaurant Customers …

Professional food photography is ‘relatively inexpensive’

For example…

Hawkes-Ogilvy can give you a food photography shoot for as little as £250 (ex VAT).

Attracting Restaurant Customers with Professional Food Photography

This can transform your website from a dull lifeless thing into a customer generating magnet!


Decent quality restaurant food photography (which is used in the right way) will pay for itself in no time and generate ongoing profits for years potentially.

In other words – It’s an investment – Not an expense!