5 ways blogging benefits restaurants

A professional blog on your pub, restaurant or hotel website can bring you legions of additional customers.  Here’s the Top 5 ways blogging benefits restaurants:

#1 A blog with regular fresh content makes your website more attractive to Google. If your website is more attractive to Google, they will reward you with better page rankings. So you’ll get more customers.

#2 A blog can give you massive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits. This is because the back links you’ll get to your blog posts can have a big impact on your SEO strength. The result is, even more customers will find your website.

#3 A blog is where you show the true personality of your pub, restaurant or hotel. Your blog is where you show the human side of your business and the passion behind the people that work there. Show your customers your human side and you will make more profit! Your blog is the place you do this.

#4 To develop an even more loyal following of customers you have to give people a reason for ‘repeat visiting’ your website. You do this by adding a fresh new ‘professional blog article’ every week. This is where professional food photography and video come in. For example, if once a week you had your we filmed your chef cooking this week’s special, while he goes into where the ingredients are sourced, why he chose this dish etc, within a year you’d end up with such a big following, you’d have to turn away bookings!
In fact. You’d have better, more cutting edge marketing than any of the big ‘country house’ hotels, even those with Michelin Star Chefs!

#5 Google will also rank your website as an ‘authority site’. This will be worth a fortune to you, especially if you ever decide to sell the business!

So there it is, your top 5 ways blogging benefits restaurants.

Food for thought, if you want more customers in your restaurant., pub or hotel!