6 ways video can increase Hotel Direct Bookings

Firstly with video, I’m not talking about ‘360 degree spin tours’ or set of still images ‘slowly zooming’.  This out-of-date distorted pseudo video will more likely damage your brand!

The following 6 ways video can increase Hotel Direct Bookings, only applies to the latest full motion, high definition video

So why is online video marketing so important to growth oriented Hotel owners?

First up, you have to look at where new Hotel customers are coming from.


  • 93% of consumers, searching for Hotel accommodation, use Google (and 82% have used mobile devices).
  • 78% of potential customers decide which Hotel to book as the direct result of the search results they get.
  • 85% of consumers check out more than one Hotel before deciding which one to book.

So, for your Hotel to compete in the 21st century, it’s obvious then that…

…. you need to ‘first’ – be able to compete on-line!

Therefore, the logic is simple…

Do whatever will give your Hotel the biggest competitive advantage on-line.

Right now, this is Online Video Marketing…  Here’s why:

6 ways video can increase Hotel Direct Bookings

#1     Video can virtually double your on-line exposure in one fell swoop.

This is because YouTube is now the second most widely used search engine.

Only video can give you access to this huge additional market.

Look at it another way… Without video, almost 50% or your potential future customers will never know you even exist!

#2    Video makes your website 53 times more likely to appear in the Page 1 search results on Google…  53 TIMES !

This is because, Google prioritises websites with relevant video content.

So with video – more customers will find you!

#3    Video is proven to be 4 x more effective at engaging potential customers on your website.

This means… Video has the potential to convert 4 times as many visitors into ‘actual paying customers’.

This is a way bigger deal than it sounds because of this…

Statistically, most of the potential customers that find your website, simply BOUNCE.

It’s not just your website, it’s everyone’s website!

People don’t see what they want in the first 5 seconds and they’re gone.

This one problem equates to a massive amount of lost revenue.

However, video can help you with this because – A video player icon on your website is like a magnet.  Hardly anyone can resist clicking it.

Video helps you bypass the first 2-3 hurdles you have in any sales situation – in one move i.e.

Attracted attention

gain their interest

and if your video is any good… aroused their desire.

The only thing left is ‘generate ACTION’ i.e. a booking!

The age old formula is…  ATTENTION – INTEREST- DESIRE – ACTION

#4    A call to action at the end of your video is 3 x as effective at converting visitors into Hotel customers compared to a call to action in any text article you have on your website…  ‘ACTION’

#5    Most of your potential customers want video.

4 out of 5 UK buyers regularly use online video to check out everything from domestic products to Hotels, before making a purchase decision or booking.

Remember… they can’t ‘check you out’ if you’re not there and without video, you’re not there!

#6    And finally, one of the biggest…

Google has already restructured their search engine algorithms to favour video enabled websites, so…

Because of this…

Hotel websites with relevant video content will go up in the search rankings and get more direct customer bookings.

Hotel websites without video are being down graded in the search results so fewer customers will find them.  So they’ll get less direct customer bookings.

The thing is, these are just 6 ways video can increase Hotel Direct Bookings.  There are in fact many more!

Video is now one of the best ways to increase direct hotel bookings

So, Hotel owners that do start to leverage the power of online video marketing will ultimately make the most money from this new opportunity.

But what if video is just not your thing?

So long as no other Hotels within a 15 mile radius of you start to use video to increase their direct Hotel bookings, nothing much will change.  The status quo will be maintained.

The problem is…

Other Hotel owners are ‘becoming aware’ of the power of online video marketing and once it takes off, there will be exponential growth of the use of video used to increase direct Hotel bookings.

These hotels will then dominate the Google Page 1 search results.

As the result…

Your website will disappear from the worthwhile search results and your Hotel will become a lot quieter.

Catching up again will take at least 6 months and cost you a fortune, because there’ll be so much work to do.

Video is not just a passing fad…  It’s the future of all online Direct Hotel Bookings